Custom Items

Custom Items

Beautiful cake toppers, courtesy of Jessica Schmitt Photography

A wedding isn’t a cookie cutter thing. No two weddings should be the same and the following custom item vendors know this.

In fact, they relish in it.

Do you and your fiancee share a love of something weird and unusual? Do you want a custom-made cake topper to show your friends and family just how strong your passion for this weird and unusual thing is?

Well, these vendors have you covered. Whatever you want to make your day as perfect and special as possible, they can make it for you. Happy planning!

Custom Items: Camille’s Straw Image 1 2 3 JUMP

Weddings are all about sweeping out of the old and jumping into the new. Nothing embraces this idea better than Jump the Broom, the African American tradition that your wedding party and guests can all get involved in. Camille’s Straw Image can provide gorgeous three to four feet long brooms to honor this fun tradition and celebrate your future with your love. Wedding guests may consider buying one as an engagement present for the bride as well!

Custom Items: D.S. Mee Bee

8 Whittier Place, Unit 9G Boston / 617.378.8777

D.S. Mee Bee Custom Event Design and Planning understands that the beauty of a wedding is in the details. The smallest details can personalize an event, and make it even more memorable for everyone attending. Along with full-service wedding planning, D.S. Mee Bee also offers custom cake toppers, personalized bouquets and boutonnieres, and custom signs, decorations, favors, and props. Here you can find one-of-a-kind custom items that will make your wedding stand out.

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