Cambridge Florists

Cambridge Florists

A stunning bouquet from Poppy Floral

Cambridge Florists: Poppy Floral

67 Smith Pl #12 / 617-955-7144
Designing the perfect bridal bouquet may be challenging, but the experts at Poppy Floral will help you customize your floral design with your wedding vision. A full-service design studio specializing in weddings and other events, the packages and services are customized to each customer, from complimentary consultations to delivery and set-up to professional white-glove service through the entire wedding planning process. Organic selections are also available.

Cambridge Florists: Central Square Florist

653 Massachusetts Avenue / 617-354-7553
At Central Square Florist, your wedding will be treated as the personal and unique occasion it is. Their experienced Wedding Consultants, who have handled outdoor weddings, resort weddings, and ballroom reception décor, can suggest flowers and decorations best reflecting your style and might also offer recommendations from their pool of vendor partners. Knowledgeable about historical wedding traditions, the staff have the resources to help you plan a wedding that pays homage to the past, celebrates the present, or accomplishes both as you look forward to the future.

Cambridge Florists: Petali Flowers

92 Mt. Auburn St. / 617-492-3600
If you’re looking for a flower arrangement that’s sophisticated, stylish, classic, and a bit edgy, then Petali Flowers just might be the florist for you. The owners of Petali buy the freshest, most unique flowers from local farmers and other places around the world. Not only will they take their time in creating your arrangements, artfully paying attention to every detail from the color scheme to the presentation, they will add flowers at no additional cost if they feel it’s necessary to make your arrangement just right.

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