Restaurant Venues

Weddings involve countless decisions over a range of details from location, to menus, to table linens—why not save yourself from having to make a few of those decisions by double dipping? Restaurant venues in Cambridge allow you to choose the wedding venue and the wedding menu of your dreams at the same time!

Restaurant Venues

A wedding ceremony along the Charles at Restaurant dante

As Cambridge restaurants are centered on creating delectable meals, you may at least rest assured that the food and location will be taken care of, leaving you time to worry about all of the other details.

Read some Cambridge restaurant reviews, and call the restaurant of your choosing ahead of time to see if you schedule a taste testing to rate their food yourself. Not sure which restaurants you want to try?

Save yourself some time and research and check out our guide to the Cambridge restaurant venues listed here.

Guide to Restaurant Venues

Our restaurant venue guides will provide the information you need on cuisine style, venue spaces, bar options, and more. For example, certain Cambridge restaurants allow you to customize your wedding menu, especially if the company has a designated events coordinator.

Some Cambridge restaurants have private dining areas within the restaurant, while some places will allow you to rent the entire space for private events.

Restaurant Venues

The beautiful Main Dining Room of Rialto Restaurant and Bar

You might want to find a restaurant with both indoor and outdoor spaces available, especially if you choose the outdoor option.

Venues like Restaurant dante will allow you to reserve their indoor dining options as a back-up location to your outdoor ceremony in case of poor weather. You may also want to know what bar options are available, especially if your ideal venue does not include a bar already.

Find out which restaurants are located near the famous Harvard Square or offer views of the Charles River. Hosting a wedding with out-of-town guests? Try a restaurant located in a hotel, like the Rialto Restaurant and Bar, which is located in the Charles Hotel.

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