Is Cambridge in Boston?

Is Cambridge in Boston? Click on the video below to watch all about Boston, MA by two talented Boston University (BU) students.

is cambridge in boston

Snow in Cambridge, MA. Photo by Bellis Vidaña

Is Cambridge in Boston?

Is Cambridge in Boston? These two places seem related; however, Cambridge and Boston are separate entities, separated by the Charles River.

History of Cambridge

Cambridge was founded in 1630 when John Winthrop and his assistants sought a protected space in the Americas. Cambridge, across the river from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, was ideal.

Winthrop called the land “Newtowne,” and it was known that until 1638. Harvard University was founded for young clergy members in 1636.

Cambridge’s new name was adopted in 1638 after the University of Cambridge in England.

Because Boston and Cambridge are geographically close, you can easily take public transportation to Boston from Cambridge and vis versa.

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