Boston Pizza Tour

boston pizza tour north end

Take a Boston Pizza tour! Photo by Pam Culver

A Brief History of Pizza

Pizza is one of the world’s most delicious foods. The modern pizza originated from Naples, Italy as a Neapolitan flatbread. Prior to that, pizza was actually Greek, and originated as bread covered in oils, herbs, and cheese. Today, pizza is a staple in American, Italian, and International cuisine.

boston pizza tour

About Boston Pizza Tour

Celebrate the history of pizza, the taste of pizza, and all Boston’s iconic North End neighborhood has to offer in this exciting two Boston pizza tour. You’ll be able to eat pizza from a modern day oven and from an oven erected in the 1880s.

Available at 11 am and 2 pm daily, you can experience the savory cuisine that has been around since ancient times.When it comes to pizza, Boston’s North End can’t be beat. You’ll delight in the best pizza in Boston and the best pizza in Cambridge!

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