Tour of Old Cambridge

Tour of Old Cambridge

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Take a step back in time and walk through the historical streets of Cambridge with your family on the Tour of Old Cambridge. And while you don’t have to dress the part on the journey, your guide will certainly put on their petticoats and suspenders to send all visitors into the historic Cambridge feel.

The Tour of Old Cambridge is one of the city’s historical tours that offers a walking look at Cambridge’s monuments, related stories, and sites where leaders and influential members of America’s history once walked.

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Tour of Old Cambridge Attractions

From the Old Market square to the Radcliffe Yard to the Old Burying Yard, your guide helps you walk right out of the 21st century and into the days when wagons and horses rolled along Cambridge’s cobblestones.

Through live narration with a theatrical flair, your guide will tell stories of the struggles men and women faced in Cambridge during the American Revolution, and they will tell stories of earlier times when the puritans battled the changing atmosphere and their commitment to morality.

Famous Cambridge Residents

Cambridge has been home to literary figures including Oliver Wendell Holmes and E. E. Cummings, and has also produced recent arts figures including actors Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Your guide will offer a bit of this historic side and a bit of the modern side while walking.

Tour of Old Cambridge

Tour of Old Cambridge. Photo courtesy of

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