Mount Auburn Cemetery

Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge

Halcyon Lake. Photo by Daderot

580 Mount Auburn St.
Strawberry Hill
Phone: (617) 547-7105

In the bustle of the city and the streets of Cambridge, find solitude and beautiful scenery at the Mount Auburn Cemetery. Anyone interested in Cambridge’s American history, architecture, horticulture, or sculptures, can enjoy either a free self- or group-guided tour of the national monument’s grounds.

Open for visitors to walk the paths and learn about the history, Mount Auburn Cemetery offers audio walking or driving guides for those who want to hear about the notable people buried there. The monuments also let people see a timeline of American history.

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Take a video tour of the Mount Auburn Cemetery

The paths stretch for a 1- or 2-mile loop that weaves in and around the tree collection of more than 5,000 representing 630 different species. Visitors can also view the city of Cambridge from the top of the Washington Tower in the cemetery.

Those searching for a specific burial site to visit or pay respects at can research the cemetery layout on the Mount Auburn website or go to the informational kiosk on the grounds.

Groups can schedule tours with the Mount Auburn Cemetery “Friends of Mount Auburn” guides generally from April to October each year. They offer a “Discover Mount Auburn” tour, a “Horticultural Highlights” tour, and any custom tours set up in advance.

Visit the website for group guided pricing, times, and dates. Also, visit the site or the informational kiosk to read the rules and regulations on taking photos or leaving parcels at burial sites.

Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge

Nathaniel Bowditch, Mount Auburn

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