North Cambridge

North Cambridge Alewife Linear Park

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About North Cambridge

North Cambridge is home to over eleven thousand housing residents. It is also known as “Area 11,” and is known for its railways and lush atmospheres, such as Alewife Linear Park.

North Cambridge Alewife Linear Park

Alewife Linear Park. Photo by Tim Sackton

The Park is also known as Cambridge Linear Park and extends for one mile.

It is a popular tourist and local area alike, with beautiful scenery and seasonal imagery (Alewife Linear Park in the autumn is located to the left).

North Cambridge is popular for its many railroad tracks across Alewife Brock Parkway and Massachusetts Avenue (affectionately called “Mass Ave” by local residents).

It is also home to Walden Street, Sherman Street, and St. John’s Roman Catholic Church.


North Cambridge, as its name suggests, is located in Northern Cambridge. It is at the northernmost point of the city of Cambridge, aptly bordering the towns of Somerville, Arlington, Belmont and community of Davis Square.

North Cambridge

Inside Alewife station. Photo by Justin Russell

Public Transportation

North Cambridge is easily accessible through the Red Line on the MBTA (Alewife stop) or the Fitchburg Line on the MBTA’s commuter rail.


Parking is available in several shopping centers, by meter, and at the Alewife MBTA transportation station. Please be advised that most parking comes with a fee.

Fun facts!

  • Thomas Phillip O’Neill, or “Tip” O’Neill, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives under Ford, Reagan, and Carter, was born in North Cambridge.
  • North Cambridge is home to Watson’s Corner, which was notable in the American Revolution’s 1775 Battle of Lexington and Concord. At Watson’s Corner the Redcoats were able to track down some Brookline patriots and a bystander and kill them.