Inman Square

inman square

Photo courtesy of Inman Square

About Inman Square

Inman Square is named after Ralph Inman, a wealthy businessman who lived in Boston in the 18th century.

Inman SquareLocation

Although it is not located directly on the Red Line, the square has a vibrant history and therefore has a lot of “firsts” in the Boston area.

For example, Inman is the former home of ImprovBoston, Boston’s oldest improvisational comedy troupe. In 1950, Legal Sea Foods began here as a fish market, and has since expanded into the large chain restaurant it is today.

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Today, Inman Square is home to a diverse group of students, professionals, and professors from nearby Harvard and MIT.

The square has Brazilian and Portuguese influences, which is reflective in the storefronts and some area restaurants. Inman Square prides itself on local eateries and shops, offering a variety of different cuisine.
Inman Square is located at the intersection of Hampshire and Cambridge Streets in East Cambridge.

Public Transportation

MBTA bus lines 69, 91 and 83 stop in the square, but one can also take the Red Line to Central Square and walk down Prospect Street for about 15 minutes.


Parking is limited, with many spots requiring a Cambridge sticker. However, some of the restaurants in the area do have small parking spots for patrons.

Fun Facts

  • Until the early 2000s, The Center for New Worlds, one of the oldest and longest-running bookstores in the country, was located in Inman Square.
  • Christina’s Ice Cream, located on 1245 Cambridge Street, has far from the typical ice cream flavors. Customers can choose from varieties such as burnt sugar, licorice, and fresh mint, to name a few.
  • Inman Square played a big role in the 2013 Boston Marathon suspect capture.