Harvard Square

Harvard Square

About Harvard Square

Harvard Square was founded in 1630 and was originally supposed to be the capital of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

With the founding of Harvard University in 1636, Harvard Square started to establish itself as an academic setting, but it had little else to offer beside the University and a few small businesses.

Today Harvard Square is a popular tourist destination, attracting over 8 million visitors from every corner of the world. The Square is a mix of students and residential populations, with over 20,000 students present during the academic year.

The area combines history, with many of the visitors exploring Harvard University and area landmarks, along with modern stores, restaurants, and bookshops.

Harvard Square, CambridgeHarvard Square also hosts a variety festivals throughout the year, including Oktoberfest.


The commercial center of Cambridge, Harvard Square is adjacent to the famous Harvard Yard. It is located off JFK Street and Memorial Drive. The primary street in the Square is Brattle Street.

Public Transportation:

Harvard Square is accessible on the MBTA’s Red Line. Thirteen bus connections also stop there as well. For those looking to park and then take public transportation, the MBTA’s Alewife Station has a large parking facility.


The Harvard Business Association reports parking at Harvard Square to be available in the
following places:

  • Six public lots with a combined total of 1,563 spaces
  • A municipal lot offering 28 spaces
  • Almost 500 on-street parking spots

Interesting facts:

  • Harvard Square is home to the office of the NPR show, “Car Talk.”
  • Several movies were shot in Harvard Square, including parts of Good Will Hunting and The Town.
  • Singer-songwriter Tracy Chapman played here while she attended Tufts University.