The LilyPad

The Lilypad Cambridge

About The LilyPad

lilypad cambridgeThe LilyPad is essentially a bare-bones performance space – no food or drink is served here, so it’s all about the music (although they have no problem with guests bringing their own snacks and beverages).

The Lily-Pad mainly hosts obscure local bands, and musical flavors of every style can be enjoyed here. Occasionally, music is abandoned all-together in favor of alternate methods of entertainment; dance performances, radio dramas, stage plays. Tuesdays offer Tango Classes. Lily-pad is nothing more than a bare room, but it is a space used to the fullest.

Watch a piano performance at The LilyPad!

Quick Tip:

If you visit, make sure to check out the bathroom. It doubles as a library – you could spend hours in there browsing the copious reading material.

The LilyPad Price & Location

$10 donation at the door.

[pw_map address=”1353 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA”]