Harvard Semitic Museum

Harvard Semitic Museum

Photo courtesy of the Harvard Semitic Museum

History of the Harvard Semitic Museum

The Harvard Semitic Museum was founded in 1889. At the time of its founding, the museum housed the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, a departmental library, a repository for research collections, a public educational institute, and a center for archaeological exploration.

Today, the museum is still dedicated to researching ancient Near Eastern history and culture and educating the public on these topics.

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Ask an Archaeologist: Video of the Harvard Semitic Museum

Throughout its existence, the Harvard Semitic Museum has made several great contributions to the study of ancient Near Eastern culture and history. Some astounding achievements of the museum’s earliest days include excavations at Nuzi and Serabit el-Khadimh in the Sinai, where the earliest alphabet was found.

As part of Harvard University’s community, the museum serves the students and faculty with abundant educational collections and sometimes in the form of university courses. The wonderful resources and exhibits at the Harvard Semitic Museum attract people from all over the world eager to explore and learn.

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Harvard Semitic Museum Directions & Map

The Harvard Semitic Museum is located at 6 Divinity Avenue in Cambridge, MA. To contact the museum, call 617.495.4631. This stop is a Cambridge.com favorite!

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