Cambridge Museums

Explore the Cambridge museums today!

The museums in Cambridge are world-renowned, and that is largely thanks to the looming presence of Harvard University, home to some of the most prestigious museums in the nation, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, home to some of brightest and most innovative students and faculty in the world.

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Famous Cambridge Museums

The Museum of Science is by far and away the most popular museum in Cambridge, and it’s a great place to take children (or yourself!).

The Arnold Arboretum (in Boston) is both beautiful and educational, and is sure to satisfy any budding botanists’ curiosity. Don’t miss The Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, one of the world’s oldest archaeological and ethnographic museums.

The art museums at Harvard are all owned and operated by Harvard University and consist of three separate museums: the Fogg Museum, Arthur M. Sackler Museum, and Busch-Reisinger Museum.

Each one is famous for the extent and depth of its collections, and people from all over the world travel to Harvard to visit the museums.

While the Harvard art museums display exhibitions to educate the public, the staff members are also conducting their own individual research on site.  Thus, most of the Cambridge museums’ collections are the result of years of research by Harvard faculty and students.

Harvard Museum of Natural History CAmbridge museums

Harvard Museum of Natural History

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is home to some of brightest and most innovative students and faculty in the world. Members of the public are able to explore this innovation and challenge themselves intellectually through the many museums at MIT.  The museums at MIT exhibit artifacts and artwork that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, making them a must-see on your trip to Cambridge.

The MIT Museum is located on its historic Cambridge campus. Throughout MIT, visitors can view many exhibits and displays open to the public, such as the MIT Libraries Exhibitions and the Corridor Lab. One such exhibit is similar to the photo below, Henry Moore’s Three Piece Reclining Figure, on display at MIT since 1976.  Those interested in exploring their creative and artistic side should be sure to visit MIT’s List Visual Arts Center. As you can see, it is clear Cambridge museums should be on your “to do” list when visiting!

Henry Moore, Three Piece Reclining Figure Draped (1976), MIT Campus

Henry Moore, Three Piece Reclining Figure Draped (1976), MIT Campus