Cambridge Parks and Playgrounds

Cambridge parks and playgrounds

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About Cambridge Parks and Playgrounds

Cambridge is known for its academia. But it’s known for its parks and playgrounds, too. We’d like to think that Cambridge has some of the greenest spots in all of Massachusetts. For kids, for adults – for anyone!

Cambridge parks and playgrounds

Alden Playground

Alden Playground

Sacramento Street Located right across from the Baldwin school in Cambridge, Alden Playground offers recently-updated playground equipment and the surrounding park area.

When it is not being used for recess purposes by the Baldwin school, the Alden Playground is a great place to take children during the day.

Clement Morgan and Pine Street Parks

Columbia Street and Pine StreetLocated across from each other, the Clement Morgan and Pine Street Parks offer two great options for children who love a variety of playground equipment and water play equipment in the warmer months.

Recent renovations to the park now offer new picnic tables, play areas, play equipment, basketball courts, and many other fun activities for children.

Cambridge parks and playgrounds sheraton commander cambridge common

Soccer players practicing in the Cambridge Common

Cambridge Common

Garden St. and Warehouse St. The Cambridge Common is a large 16 acre park that is the perfect place for children to run around in Cambridge.

Not only does the Common have wide open areas, pathways, and playing fields, but it also has the Alexander W. Kemp Playground, a very well-known playground that was rebuilt in 2009.

Costa Lopez Park and Community Garden

Lopez Avenue and Charles Street The Community Garden was constructed across the street from the Costa Lopez Park in 2008, and offers many more sitting areas as well as raised planting beds, if you and your children are feeling outdoors-y.

Franklin Park Cambridge Cambridge parks and playgroundsFranklin Street Park

Riverside Neighborhood Renovated in 2003 from an unappealing concrete lot, the Franklin Street Park in Riverside is a welcome green area for children and families to relax.

Designed with feedback and input from the Riverside community, the Franklin Street Park provides a more natural park setting for children, and with the King School playground nearby, the Franklin Street Park gives a much more passive setting for play and relaxation.

Dana Park

Magazine Street between Corporal McTernan and Lawrence Streets Dana Park has many scenic walking paths and sitting areas for relaxing with children, as well as newly-updated playground equipment and water play structures for any time of the year.

Dana Parks also now contains art installations on its light posts, which incorporate quotes from famous artists and writers who have associated themselves with Cambridge in the last two centuries.

Cambridge parks and playgrounds

Greene-Rose Heritage Park

Greene-Rose Heritage Park

Harvard Street and Moore Street The Greene-Rose Heritage Park was developed through the Green Ribbon Open Space Committee and completed in 2008.

It includes a large open field, lots of benches, and renovated playgrounds and water play structures for children. The park also has a fully-renovated garden and tennis court.

New Riverside Park

Memorial Drive and Western Avenue The New Riverside Park was developed through feedback and cooperation between Harvard University, the city of Cambridge, and the Riverside neighborhood.

It features lots of wide open grassy areas, new trees and sitting areas, and many different pathways for parents and their children to take walks.

Cambridge parks and playgrounds

Lowell School Park

Lowell School Park 

Mt. Auburn Street & Lowell Street, W. Cambridge The Lowell School Park features a large open area and renovated basketball courts, as well as a new children’s climbing structure, making it perfect for children to run around and be active while their parents watch from the many nearby benches and seating areas.

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