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Taxis Cambridge

Photo by Nicholas Erwin

About Cambridge Taxis

Cambridge, Massachusetts has a variety of taxis, cabs, and hackneys available for use. Because of its close proximity to Boston, Brookline, Somerville and Watertown, many of these cabs frequent Cambridge streets as well, particularly in Harvard Square and the Kendall / MIT area.

Cabs in Cambridge are convenient because they can be hailed on the street, ordered over Smartphone with apps such as Lyft, or called ahead and reserved. They take you exactly where you need to go, and you can pay cash or credit.

Here is a list of taxi, cab, and hackney companies in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Ambassador Brattle & Yellow Cab: (617) 492-1100

Cambridge Taxi Cab: (617) 649-7000

Cambridge Checker Cab: (617) 497-9000

Somerville Taxi Cab: (617) 649-7500

Star Taxi: (617) 876-8888

UTS: (617) 661-2500