South Station

Boston Cambridge South Station Bus Train

Photo by Mark Peters

About South Station

South Station, located in Boston, Massachusetts, is a major port of transportation for Cambridge visitors.

When traveling from Boston to New York, D.C., Philadelphia, Newark, Montreal, or just about anywhere in the world, you can arrive safely in South Station by Amtrak train, commuter rail, or a variety of bus lines (Boltbus, Megabus, Peter Pan, Greyhound).

The station is New England’s second largest transportation center, second to none other than Logan Airport.

Boston’s station is located on the Red Line, so it is easily accessible to Cambridge visitors at only 4 stops away on the subway system, or MBTA (“T”). It is also located on the Silver Line.

History of South Station

South Station

Photo by Katte B.

South Station opened on January 1, 1899 in turn-of-the-century Massachusetts. Since then, it has been renovated a variety of times to include additional routes, services, and maintain customer safety.

South Station is located in Boston’s Dewey Square district, near Chinatown. If needed, there is a 24 hour help desk available for travelers. In 2001, it was estimated that 22 million traveled through Boston South Station that year.

Delicious Food Court

For those who require food before journeys, South Station has a variety of restaurants, including Pizzeria Regina, McDonald’s, Tavern in the Square, Cheeseboy, and Cosi.

If you are traveling from New York, the best way to arrive in Cambridge or Boston, Massachusetts is through South Station.

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