MBTA Silver Line

MBTA Silver Line

Photo by Nate Marsh

About the MBTA Silver Line

The MBTA Silver Line differs from other of its colored lines because it is not a subway system, but rather a system of buses and transit that gets visitors and residents to their destinations.

The Silver Line is located primarily in Boston, but still is within easy access to Cambridge, Massachusetts. The MBTA Silver Line is the best way to get from Massachusetts’s Boston Logan Airport to Cambridge, Boston, and the surrounding area.

MBTA Silver LineThe stops on the MBTA Silver Line include:

  • South Station (also on the Red Line)
  • Courthouse Station
  • World Trade Center Station
  • Silver Line Way Station

And the airport stops:

  • Terminal A
  • Terminal B Stop 1
  • Terminal B Stop 2
  • Terminal C
  • Terminal E

Other silver lines go to various street stations, and operate just like MBTA buses.