Alewife – Ashmont

The MBTA Red Braintree Line runs from Cambridge’s Alewife Station all the way to Ashmont. This is known as the¬†Alewife – Ashmont train. The stops on the Braintree Red line are as follows:

Alewife - Ashmont

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  • Alewife
  • Davis
  • Porter
  • Harvard
  • Central
  • Kendall/MIT
  • Charles MGH
  • Park Street
  • Downtown Crossing
  • South Station
  • Broadway
  • Andrew
  • JFK/UMass
  • Savin Hill
  • Fields Corner
  • Shawmut
  • Ashmont
  • Connecting:
  • Cedar Grove
  • Butler
  • Milton
  • Central Ave
  • Valley Rd
  • Capen Street
  • Mattapan

Alewife – Ashmont to Cambridge

Alewife - Ashmont

Central Station on the Red Line. Photo Courtesy of the MA Office of Travel and Tourism

This route on the MBTA line gives you easy access to Cambridge, Massachusetts as well as areas of Boston and South Boston including Mattapan, Dorchester, and Ashmont.

This is a great way for Massachusetts commuters to arrive in Cambridge!