MBTA Subway

Ride the MBTA Subway today! The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, or more commonly known as the MBTA, is the most unique and highly functional public transportation system in New England. It is located right here in Massachusetts.

MBTA Subway History

The MBTA Subway has humble beginnings from the nineteenth century, and today is a staple of travel for resident commuters, college students, and visitors alike.

The MBTA was the first subway system in North America, with routes beginning at Park Street station in Boston and the Boston Common area. As time progressed, more lines were added and modified, making Cambridge a frequented and easily accessible stop on the MBTA transit system.

Boston Cambridge MBTA subway Transportation

A long history of transport. Photo by C. Hanchey

MBTA Subway Routes

The MBTA boasts a large line of subway systems, buses, and commuter rail systems alike.

Frequently referred to as the “T,” the MBTA can take you all throughout Massachusetts and popular locales in New England.

While on the T, visitors can arrive at their destination in comfort and with the knowledge that they are experiencing one of the finest systems in the world.