MBTA Green Line Map

MBTA Green Line map

MBTA Green Line. Photo by David Zeuthen

Use our MBTA Green Line Map! The MBTA Green line runs from Cambridge’s Lechmere neighborhood all the way to a variety of locations, including Boston’s Mission Hill area (Heath Street), Boston College, Cleveland Circle (which passes through Coolidge Corner), and Riverside (Newton, also passes through Brookline).

Each line is denoted by a letter so that commuters know where to go. The T runs from 5:15 am every morning until roughly 12:30 am at night during the week and 3:00 am on weekends (Friday – Saturday).

From the stations between Lechmere to Copley, any train can be taken. However, after Copley, the “E” train splits, and after Kenmore, all trains split off into their own routes.

For more information on the routes and how to navigate the MBTA system, click the links to the left.

MBTA Green Line Map Branches

The “B” line – This line runs from Boston’s Government Center (closed until 2016) to Boston College. Points of interest on the B line include areas of Brookline, Boston University, and the Allston and Brighton neighborhoods of Boston.

The “C” line – This line runs from Boston’s North Station to Cleveland Circle, stopping at famous points of interest such as Boston University, Brookline (direct route to Coolidge Corner), and Washington Square.

The “D” line – This line runs from Boston’s Haymarket to Riverside, taking you through picturesque Brookline and Newton areas. Points of interest include Brookline Village and many golf centers.

The “E” line – This line runs from Cambridge’s Lechmere station to theĀ Mission Hill area at Heath Street / BA Medical Center. This stop can take you directly to the Prudential CenterĀ and Copley Place, as well as areas of Northeastern, Symphony, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and, of course, Cambridge!