Cambridge Museums Map

Cambridge has many notable museums, including some owned by Harvard University and MIT. Check out the Cambridge Museums Map about for locations about Cambridge Museums.

Read below for a few (but not the only) notable museums.

Museum of Science

1 Science Park
Boston, MA

Technically, only half of the Museum of Science should be on this list, since only half of the Museum is in Cambridge. The other half sits in Boston.

The Museum has many interesting exhibits for visitors of all ages. Many exhibits are hands-on and let children explore and discover scientific fields, ranging from natural history to biology to everything in between.

The Museum features an IMax and 3-D theater, as well as a Planetarium, and much more.

Harvard University Museums

Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments at Harvard University

1 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA

Harvard has many notable museums, including the the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments at Harvard University.

Located at 1 Oxford Street, the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments at Harvard University has one of the most impressive collections of over 20,000 historical scientific instruments. The uses of these instruments vary greatly from geology to communication, from biology to psychology.

Visit Harvard University and all that it has to offer.

Fogg Museum

32 Quincy Street
Cambridge, MA

The Fogg Museum, along with the Arthur M. Sackler Museum, and Busch-Reisinger Museum, make up the three Harvard Art Museums.

The Fogg Museum was established in 1985. It houses decorative art, photographs, paintings, sculptures and much more.

The museum boasts an art gallery of over 12,000 drawings, as well at artwork by famous artists, including John Singer Sargent, Georgia O’Keeffe, and John Singleton Copley.

Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology

11 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge, MA

The Peabody Museum of Archaelology and Ethnology is one of the oldest archaelogigical and ethnographic museums. It geatures collections from all over the world, both past and present. The museum also offers an impressive artwork collection.

MIT Museums

Corridor lab at MIT

77 Massachusetts Avenue
Room 4-405
Cambridge, MA

Founded by Dr. John G. King, The Corridor Lab at MIT aspires to enrich education with interactive exhibits. There are nine exhibits in total. Visit the Corridor Lab to learn about Fiber Optics, the “Automotive Crank” and more.

List Visual Arts Center

20 Ames Street
Building E15, Atrium Leve
Cambridge, MA

The List Visual Arts Center consists of over 3,000 works of art. Permanemt collections include works by Pablo Picasso, Alexander Calder, Henry Moore, and others.

The List Visual Arts Center has notable temporary exhibits. Check out MIT’s website for more information.

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