Christ Church

Christ Church Cambridge MA

Church interior. Photo by Daderot

About Christ Church

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Christ Church is a National Historic Landmark. The church was founded in 1759 to provide religious services to the students of then-Harvard College.

Visitors to the Christ Church will notice the beautiful architecture of the building, which include master workman Peter Harrison’s vision of a granite foundation and ballast stones.

Originally, the church was sanded to look like a tradition English stone church, but has since changed to become uniquely Cambridge.

Christ Church

Christ Church

Christ Church History

During the American Revolution, many of the church-goers were seen as Tories (supporting the British), although George Washington and his wife Martha are said to have frequented there, so this fact is up for debate.

In the eighteenth century the church was remodeled, and in 1920 was returned to its beautiful, simplistic state.

Christ Church is a beacon of history for the American people. Aside from George and Martha, other speakers at the Church have included:

  • Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Benjamin Spock
  • Jesse Louis Jackson

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