Asa Gray House

Asa Gray House

The Asa Gray House. Photo by Daderot

About the Asa Gray House

Asa Gray HouseIn 1873, botanist Asa Gray was offered a position as a professor of natural history at Harvard University. He accepted, and lived at what would soon be known as the famous Asa Gray House.

While at Harvard, Gray helped to create the botany department. His work is numerous, and his contributions to the science of botany plentiful.

Harvard’s Gray Herbarium holds his name as a namesake.

Gray’s house, located in the Porter Square neighborhood, has been a National Historic Landmark since 1965, commemorating all the good Gray did for the natural world.

Visitors of the Asa Gray House can revel in the beautiful architecture of 1810 and learn more about Gray’s life and legacy on a guided tour.

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Tickets are free to the public.

If you like Asa Gray, be sure to visit his burial place at the Mount Auburn Cemetery, also located in Cambridge.

Directions & Map of Asa Gray House

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