Official Guided Walking Tour of Cambridge

Cambridge Guided Walking Tour

Photo by Ewen Roberts

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The Official Guided Walking Tour of Cambridge offers tourists a broad look at the city and its rich history. This two-hour tour aims to give visitors understanding of Cambridge and the colleges that make it so prolific.

Along with oral history that the guide provides, tourists are also treated to admission into the King’s College and Chapel and Trinity College. The King’s College Chapel is considered one of the finest examples of Gothic English architecture. The church’s lofty halls and amazingly detailed ceiling have attracted sight-seekers for centuries. Trinity College is among the oldest and largest schools of the University of Cambridge. The campus was once home to brilliant men such as William Wordsworth, Lord Byron, and Sir Isaac Newton.

Corpus Clock

Photo Courtesy St John’s Episcopal Church, Portsmouth, VA

The tour will also bring you to some more recently famous sites such as The Eagle’s Pub, where Francis Crick and James Watson first announced their discovery of DNA.  Another eye-catching site is the Corpus Christi clock, a massive solid gold disk turned by a monstrous creature called the Chronophage.   Revealed in 2008, this masterpiece by John C. Taylor is quickly becoming a popular town centre attraction.

Guides conducting the walking tours are officially certified by Great Britain’s Institute of Tour Guiding. Each guide is brimming with facts and stories covering every topic from Lord Byron to the Mathematical Bridge.

Official Guided Walking Tours of Cambridge run every day of the year except for Christmas Day. Tour groups meet at the Tourist Information Centre 11 and 1 o’clock Monday through Saturday and 1o’clock on Sundays.  Tour routes are liable to change due to weather and city events, so make sure to check with the Information Centre for details.

For a full overview of the best sights, facts, and stories that Cambridge has to offer, no one does it better than the Official Guided Walking Tours of Cambridge.

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Map Location of Tour Starting Point

[pw_map address=”Cambridge Tourist Information Centre, Peas Hill, Cambridge, CB2 3AD”]