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Footprints Tours aspires to reinvent the dry, formulaic tours that cities like Cambridge are accustomed to. This student start-up company is passionate about showing visitors a side of Cambridge that they’ll remember for the years to come.

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The guides at Footprints Tours are exactly the kinds of people you’d want showing you around a strange city. The company is made up of students and locals, all of whom love their city and have their own unique stories to share. There are dozens of Cambridge tours where visitors can learn about basic British history. The folks at Footprints Tours like to this take one step beyond. With Footprints, tourists can learn about the £1 million clock in Cambridge that eats time, or the University of Cambridge students who outwitted the British Secret Service.

Though some portions are obscure, Footprints tours try not to stray too far off the beaten path. All of the classic stops are covered on their walking tour, from Kings College and Corpus Christi to the Senate House and Trinity Hall. In two short hours, tour guides are able to stuff in an overview of the city and its college as well some facts that venture past just what’s included in the Cambridge Wikipedia entry.

Book your spot in advance for an experience that goes above and beyond the typical Cambridge Walking Tour.