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Cambridge Ghost Tour
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Mill Lane punt station
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Brave tourists can stay out after dark to get a taste of Cambridge UK’s spooky side. Scudamore’s Punting Company’s Cambridge Ghost Tour tells a story of Cambridge that most other tours will fail to mention. Tourists are guided around some of Cambridge’s most famous locations while hearing the macabre tales that go along with them.

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Do you dare take the Cambridge Ghost Tour?

For the first half of the Cambridge Ghost Tour, tour groups drift along the River Cam by punt. The eerie stillness of the historic River by night provides the perfect setting for scary ghost stories.

The tour concludes with a guided stroll through Cambridge’s haunted lanes. For 90 minutes, tourists can hear their guides recount Cambridge, England’s most chilling stories, legends, and facts. Tours run every Saturday beginning at dusk. Groups meet at Scudamore’s Punting Company’s Mill Labe punt station and conclude close to Market Square. The tour’s schedule varies throughout the year. For a special experience, tourists can sign up for one of Scudamore’s holiday Cambridge Ghost Tours. Ghosts tours are held during both Halloween and Christmas. It’s an extra spooky way to spend your favorite holidays.

The Great Britain City has a history that spans centuries. There are enough blood-curdling tales buried in Cambridge’s past that will make tourists hesitate before the next time they go out after dark.

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