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There are dozens of ways to explore Cambridge UK, but the people at Cambridge Bike Tours insist that the city is best seen on two wheels. The Cambridge Bike Tours are one of the most popular activities for tourists visiting Cambridge. Tour guides will take cyclists off the beaten path to show them a side of Cambridge that they can’t see anywhere else.

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City Bike Tours

Cambridge Bike Tours gives you the ride of your life

Cambridge is a city famous for its cycling. Thanks to its bike-friendly city plan and considerate drivers, one fifth of all journeys made in Cambridge are by bike. Cambridge Bike Tours allow visitors to experience the energy of the city and the lifestyle of its people firsthand.

No other tour of Cambridge takes its tourists along the river for breathtaking views of the college boathouses, the University Real Tennis Club and the Kings College Chapel.  People going on a Cambridge Bike Tour will get a chance to see as much of the city as possible at a pace that allows tourists to soak in the sights around them. Tours of the City, Grantchester and River Pubs are all available through Cambridge Bike Tours.

At the start of the tour, the tourists have their pick of the antique British bikes, mountain bikes and even electric bikes to choose from. Tour groups meet under the lamp in the middle of Parker’s Piece just to the south of the City Centre. When travelling to one of England’s most bicycle-friendly cities, an official Bike Tour is the best way to see the sights and fit in some cardio at the same time.

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