Terms of the Tour

Here are some key terms that will be used in the coverage of the Tour de France.

Mark Cavendish in Green Jeresey in Tour de France 2011. Photo credit DancingOnThePedals.net

Mark Cavendish in Green Jeresey during the 20011 Tour de France. Photo courtesy of DancingOnThePedals.net


An agressive jump away from the other riders


When a rider or multiple riders bolt ahead of the rest of the riders.

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Combativity Award

Awarded at the end of each stage to a cyclist who has shown a tremendous amount of effort in that stage.


A rider who is chosen to be part of the team to support the other riders of his/her team.


When a biker rides in front of another biker to protect them from the wind.

General Classification (GC)

The total points for each stage race.

Green Jersey

The Green Jersey is worn bby the rider of the most points.  To see how points are earned, visit the Tour de France Jersey Classification page.

King of the Mountain

A jersey classification. King of the Mountain signifies the best climber and wears the white jersey with red polka dots.

Tour de France

2011 Tour De France, Peleton. Photo by AnPost

Le Tour

A nickname for the Tour de France.

The Pelaton

A large group of riders (usually toward the beginning or middle of the race).


The course the riders will take.

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A quick acceleration.


A portion of the race.

Team Classification

Calculated by combining the times of the three best riders of each team in each stage, not including the time trial.

Bradley Wiggins in yellow jersey. Photo robkingcameraman

Bradley Wiggins in Yellow Jersey. Photo by robkingcameraman

Time Trial

When riders race against the clock for a certain distance. Riders begin time trials in intervals.

Yellow Jersey

The Yellow Jersey is worn by the overall leader of the race.