The Bradley Wiggins Foundation

Bradley Wiggins, Founder of the Bradley Wiggins Foundation Photo Mostly Dans

Bradley Wiggins, Founder of the Bradley Wiggins Foundation. Photo by Mostly Dans

British bicycler Sir Bradley Wiggins founded The Bradley Wiggins Foundation in 2012.

According to the charity‚Äôs website, The Bradley Wiggins Foundation ‘aims to promote participation in sport and to provide support to local individuals, groups and communities.’ To do this, the foundation encourages exercise through participation in sports, supporting determined athletes, and providing facilities and equipment to community groups. The foundation also hosts and sponsors a variety of events that encourage bicycling and exercising.

Ride With Brad

One of the foundation’s sponsored events is the annual Ride with Brad event, started in 2012. Along with Bradley Wiggins, fans bike a choice of three routes of varying distances. They can cycle a 50 km, 100 km, or 160 km route. Fans get the amazing opportunity to meet and speak with the iconic British cycler.

Wiggins says of the 2012 Ride with Brad, ‘It was a fantastic event and great to see the reaction around the route. It is really nice to get back to what I love, riding my bike, and to see so many people taking part.’