The Cambridge Backs

King's College Cambridge Backs

Photo: Alex Brown

The Cambridge Backs
East of Queen’s Road along the River Cam

Cambridge from the Rear

The Cambridge Backs refer to the backs of the colleges facing the River Cam. Cambridge University is a popular stop on city tours, but while many just see the campuses from the front, the backs are renowned for their tightly trimmed lawns and striking architectural designs.

St John's Cambridge Backs

St. John’s College from the Backs. Photo: Punting Cambridge

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The best way to view the backs is from a punt, which are rentable either with or without a guide in many locations along the river.

The Cambridge Backs offer a nice contrast to the city’s congested centre. They provide a chance to see a different side of these historic University buildings, whether you view them while sauntering along the riverside or curled up with a loved one in a punt.

This quirky video gives you a fun (albeit not so scenic) glimpse of the Cambridge Backs.  If you want to witness the Backs’ true beauty, you’ll just have to see it for yourself!

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Map Location of the Cambridge Backs

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