Parker’s Piece

Parker's Piece

Photo: Diogo Luis Leal

Between Gonville Place and Park Terrace

Park Sports Central

Many parks in Cambridge are known for their beautiful flowers and their time-worn trees, which makes Parker’s Piece a bit unusual. It is a wide open expanse of grass, intersected by only one main bike path and one main footpath. While this spacious Cambridge area is great for picnics and sunbathing, it is the sports that make Parker’s Piece one of the parks in Cambridge that is always bustling with life.

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Parker's Piece Cricket

Photo: Graeme Churchard

Football, volleyball, and cricket matches are routinely held here, as it is the perfect place to kick around a football or play catch with a friend. It is also one of the parks in Cambridge that is used as a practice field; Parkside Community College uses the area for its sporting teams throughout the school year.

Once the sports are done for the day, head over to any of the shops close to Parker’s Piece, or enjoy any of the Cambridge restaurants just beyond the park’s southwest edge.

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Map Location of Parker’s Piece

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