Midsummer Common

Strawberry Fair, midsummer common

The 2014 Strawberry Fair in Midsummer Common. Photo: This Is Cambridge

East of Victoria Avenue, Cambridge, CB5 8AQ

The Green Heart of Cambridge (East Side)

Separated from Jesus Green in 1890 with the creation of Victoria Avenue, Midsummer Common is home to various events throughout the year, ranging from festivals to races to fireworks.

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Midsummer Commons Fair

Photo: Humayun Hasan

Midsummer Common hosts a number of festivals throughout the year such as the May Fair, the Strawberry Fair, and the famous Midsummer Fair, which is one of the oldest in the United Kingdom. Other events include fireworks in November to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night, the London to Cambridge Bike Ride, the Cambridge Half Marathon, and the circus.

People frequently cycle and walk through the Midsummer Commons on their way to and from work, making it an important hub of Cambridge life. The Friends of Midsummer Common work to protect it by sponsoring tree plantings, picnics, efforts to maintain the local bird population, and bug hunts intended to teach more about the diverse life that call Midsummer Common home.

Whether you are looking for a day of sunbathing, a barbecue, or a fun day at the fair, Midsummer Common is one of the parks in Cambridge you shouldn’t miss.

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Map Location of Midsummer Common

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