Jesus Green

Jesus Green

Photo: Jun Seita

West of Victoria Avenue, Cambridge, CB5 8AQ

The Green Heart of Cambridge (West Side)

Jesus Green–situated just north of Jesus College, where the park gets its name–was separated from Midsummer Common with the creation of Victoria Avenue in 1890. Since then, Jesus Green has become an ideal place to enjoy a sunny Cambridge day, whether it be spent lounging in the shade of one of the Green’s sprawling trees or watching the boats go by on the River Cam.

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The Green is home to various attractions, including tennis courts, a playground, a skate park, and a swimming pool. The swimming pool, which closes during the winter months and reopens each year in May, is the biggest pool in Cambridge. At almost one hundred meters, it is also one of the longest in the UK. The skate park, playground, and the tennis courts have undergone renovations in recent years to ensure that all Jesus Green visitors have the finest facilities possible.

Jesus Lock

Photo: Oxfordian

Just off the Jesus Green is the Jesus Lock, a portion of the River Cam that closed to motorized boats and vessels due to punting traffic. Punts and other boats are often available for hire, making it possible to enjoy the Green while idling downriver with the current.

The perfect place to spend a leisurely afternoon, Jesus Green is one of the most recognizable spots in Cambridge.

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Map Location of Jesus Green

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