Market Square

Cambridge Market Square

Photo: British Council Egypt

Selling Goods Since the Dark Ages

Every town needs a marketplace, but how many are kept for a thousand years? Serving as an open-air market since Saxon times, the Market Square continues to offer products unique to the Cambridge area.  Many vendors sell produce from local farms, just like they did in the medieval era, but there are plenty of more modern goods to choose from: clothes, books, music, films and mobile phone accessories flood the stalls.

[Editor’s note: On my trip to Cambridge, my favorite tent in the square was filled with war memorabilia, from medals to uniform buttons to antique rifles. The stall may have been replaced since my visit, but it helps show what amazing things you can find in the market square!]

Arts and Crafts Market

Cambridge Market Square

Photo: This is Cambridge

The general market runs Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00, but on Sundays at the same time, the market square offers a variety of art pieces made by local craftsmen. Visitors can buy some of the finest paintings, ceramics and photographs Cambridge artists have to offer.  Current market traders include Arcturus Jewelry, Claire Seely Glass Design and Blue Butterfly Flooring.  The arts and crafts market also offers local foods from Brown Bread, Tom’s Cakes and the Red Poll Camcattle.

The market square’s location makes it easily accessible to many city centre sites like the Fitzwilliam Museum, punting stations and over a dozen University of Cambridge campuses. Still looking for a place to shop?  Lion’s Yard and the Grand Arcade are just a short walk away!  The market square makes it easy to get around the busy heart of Cambridge.

If you’re shopping for something with the unique Cambridge flavor, don’t miss the Market Square!

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