The National Horseracing Museum

National Horseracing Museum

Courtesy of the National Horseracing Museum

99 High Street, Newmarket
Tel: +44 0 1638667333

Galloping Through 300 Years of History

Horse-racing has deep roots in British history. From its royal origins at the Newmarket race course to the sport’s modern stars, The National Horseracing Museum in Cambridge gives visitors an in-depth view into the evolution of horseracing.

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The National Horseracing Museum is located in what used to be the historic subscription rooms of the Newmarket racing tracks. The rooms served as a place for gamblers to convene after races and wait to hear which horses were being backed. As horseracing became more popular through the twentieth century, bookmakers began displaying their own lists at saloon bars and cigar shops until the subscription rooms became obsolete.

When prominent Jockey Handicapper Major David Swannell sought to found a Horseracing Museum in 1983, the empty subscription rooms provided the perfect location. The museum was opened by Her Majesty the Queen on 30 March of that year and the institution continues to encourage the preservation of both historical and scientific horseracing artifacts up until today.

Horseracing is a precious part of British history, and the National Horseracing Museum provides a comprehensive look at this English pastime.

Highlights at the National Horseracing Museum

Exhibitions, Tours, and Activities

National Horseracing Museum Magnificent Seven

Courtesy of The National Horseracing Museum

Visitors to the National Horseracing Museum can enjoy paintings, trophies, and uniforms of famous jockeys like Frankie Dettori, Steve Donoghue, Fred Archer, and Francis Buckle. The museum also houses the remains of Hyperion and Eclipse, two of the greatest racing horses in history.

The museum offers tours of the galleries as well as the Newmarket racecourses, where visitors can watch the horses in action. Tours of the National Stud are also available; if you visit between March and June, you might get a chance to see a new born faun! Prices and schedules may very; contact the museum for details.

Children activities are offered throughout the year, including puzzles, worksheets, and a chance to groom and ride Butterscotch, the museum’s fully mechanical horse.

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