Museum of Technology

Museum of Technology

A beam engine at the Museum of Technology. Photo by Chris Allen

About the Cambridge Museum of Technology

Chimney at Cambridge Museum of Technology

The famous chimney at the Cambridge Museum of Technology. Photo by Keith Edkins.

The Cambridge Museum of Technology offers a unique look at industrial era England. The museum is based on the original grounds and foundations of the old Cambridge sewage pumping station. The original station was built in 1894 after sewer systems started failing and leaking waste into the river.

The museum contains several industrial engines that run intermittently. They still run on steam, just like the olden days! There’s also an analogue computer from 1960 to see. No it doesn’t have a touch screen, it doesn’t even have a screen.

Iconic of the Cambridge Museum of Technology is the great brick chimney that towers over it all. They used to burn rubbish here to produce steam for the engines, but don’t worry, those days are long gone.

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Family Fun at the Museum of Technology

Families are welcome to come and explore the past. Children can dress up in Victorian era clothes and see what it was like living in those years. They can also enjoy learning about English technological history from the fascinating machines.

A big attraction is the print shop where a volunteer can assist children in setting the type of a real printing press so children can print their own souvenir. Set a silly message, or a secret secret into type just like they did before text-messaging or tweeting.

Children under seven are admitted free of charge! Check the Museum of Technology website for updated admissions prices.

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Cambridge Museum of Technology Contact & Location

To email queries to the volunteer staff at the Museum of Technology, visit their website and follow the link to “Contact Us.”
Telephone: 01223 500652
Cambridge Museum of Technology
The Old Pumping Station
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