Frolic Farm

Frolic Farm
Lode, Cambridgeshire
CB25 9HF
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Frolic Farm, Cambridge UK

Photo by Keith Edkins

Just outside of the city of Cambridge lies Frolic Farms, a dream getaway for anyone looking to enjoy the countryside in comfort. The vast pastures of the farms are home to not only three separate cottages and houses, but also tennis courts, walking trails and enough stables to accommodate the horses used for the city’s polo club. For a relaxing day on the compound, guests can take advantage of the complementary fishing spots on the river, or borrow a bike to explore the grounds.  The town of Cambridge is only minutes away, so sights like the punting boats and the colleges of the esteemed university are well within reach. The accommodations give off a rustic feel, but without the need to compromise modern amenities. Perfect for those who want to get a breath of fresh air while still being close to the attractions of Cambridge, Frolic Farms is a great place to stay.

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