Inside Cambridge B&B’s

Cambridge is full of history and elegance, and has a talent for drawing people in and making them fall in love.

When considering the exquisite architecture, cobblestone streets and oozing antiquity, it is easy to see why Cambridge is such a popular destination. A holiday to Cambridge will always be well worth the trip; but when visiting Cambridge a fun way to intertwine with the culture is to stay at a Cambridge B&B.

While staying at a hotel is always a choice, nothing can beat staying at one of Cambridge’s B&B’s. A Cambridge B&B provides a charm that is difficult to capture in a hotel; with a Cambridge B&B there’s always the feeling of being at home and not to mention the charm of feeling like a local. Cambridge B&B’s offer a variety of luxuries similar to a hotel; but these B&B’s come with free breakfast!

From award winning service to spectacular amenities and stunning picturesque views, a Cambridge B&B is the perfect choice when considering a place to stay.

bed and breakfast

Imagine warming up at this B&B’s fireplace! Image by Larry Lamsa


A Look at Cambridge B&B’s

For example: The George Inn is a wonderful choice for accommodation! Set next to the River Cam, this charming pub offers suites with a delicious free and homemade breakfast. The George Inn is only 5.5 miles from Berkley Castle and offers a beer garden to sit and relax!

Carolina B&B uk

A bedroom at the Carolina B&B! The bed looks incredibly comfortable!

Another cozy Cambridge B&B is the Carolina B&B.What’s great about the Carolina B&B is that it offers a variety of accommodation that can suit both single person travelers and families. With a five star rating, the Carolina B&B is known for their hospitality!

Tudor Cottage Guest Houseis also another fabulous Cambridge B&B. Tudor Cottage has received awards for their attention to detail; like providing Egyptian cotton sheets for guests. This B&B is within 2 miles from many attractions, but is far enough away where you can relax and enjoy the scenery Cambridge has to offer.

Cambridge is a quaint city and with its’  tightly packed ancient colleges and gardens; it’s easy to get lost and wander. Countless poets and writers have used Cambridge as a source of inspiration with its cobblestone streets and flowing river. The charm of Cambridge can’t be beat and when looking for a place to stay, a Cambridge B&B is always a good choice!

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English Breakfast

Full English breakfast. Photo by Chris Fleming