Cambridge Travel Tools

Airfare: Click here for the cheapest and most frequent flights to Cambridge.

Cambridge Hotels: Click here to book hotels in Cambridge. Search by a number of criteria, such as free breakfast and parking, pet friendly, and more.

Cambridge Hotel Reviews: Click here to find the best hotel for you, whether you’re looking to stay in rustic luxury, in the historic city centre, or a friendly bed and breakfast.

Inside Cambridge Restaurants: Start here for a list of some of Cambridge’s best restaurants.

Click the Zagat Guide to purchase your own copy as another resource as you travel around the UK.

Bus: If you’re visiting Cambridge from near by, consider taking the Park and Ride bus to save on driving.

Public Transportation: There are options available like Citi Busses, punting, cycle hires, and taxi and car hires.

Maps: Click here to help pinpoint everything you want to see and do. Or, buy a map for your Kindle here.

Tours: There are so many different options for tours, whether you want to walk, bike, or ride. Go punting down the River Cam. Take a walking tour of Historic Cambridge. Ride the Sightseeing Bus to listen to the history of Cambridge and hop off when you want to further explore an area.

University of Cambridge: The University of Cambridge is one of the oldest, largest, and prestigious universities in the world. Many of the colleges offer tours of their grounds and facilities. Start here for a list of all the colleges and brief details about each.

Museums: Check out the University Museum of Zoology to learn more about the animals that inhabit the world with and before us. The Fitzwilliam Museum is one of the oldest museums in Cambridge. Take a break from all the walking and relax in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden.

Click here for a list of museums in Cambridge.

Things to do:  Click here for a full list of annual festivals. The Cambridge Corn Exchange, Mumford Theatre, and Cambridge Arts Theatre always have performances running from children’s shows to Shakespearean plays, to ballets and modern dance, and symphonies.

Shopping: Click here to shop ’til you drop.

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