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sedgwick museum

Photo Courtesy of the Sedgwick Museum

Downing Street, Cambridge CB2 3EQ
Tel: +44 (01223) 333456

The Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences is a University of Cambridge institution dedicated to showcasing artifacts of the natural world. Located on the University’s Downing Site, this museum’s impressive collection of rocks, fossils, and minerals make it one of the top places to visit in Cambridge.

The Sedgwick Museum opened in 1912 as a result of Dr. John Woodward’s donation of his collection of rocks and fossils to the University of Cambridge. The museum also includes specimens donated by important scientific figures such as Charles Darwin and Mary Anning.

Cambridge Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences

Calamitaceae foliage, Photo Credit: Smith609

Adam Sedgwick, a professor at the University, was responsible for gathering a significant number of the specimens that would be displayed in the museum. After his death in 1873, the museum served as a memorial to him as well as a place of education.

Today, there are over 1 million minerals and fossils in the Sedgwick Museum’s collection. Specific exhibitions showcase gemstones, dinosaurs, and rocks collected during Charles Darwin’s historic ‘Voyage of the Beagle.’ The museum is open to the public and serves as one of the many attractions for tourism in Cambridge.

Along with this, the Sedgwick museum also acts as an educational tool for both researchers and students at the University at Cambridge. The museum is part of the Department of Earth Sciences and it plays an active role in the department’s research and teaching activities.

The Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences also plays host to many fun events throughout the year. Visitors to the Sedgwick Museum have the chance to attend talks, interactive presentations, and perhaps even the annual Cambridge Science Festival.

Of all the places to visit in Cambridge, The Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences is one Cambridge Attraction that will stimulate the mind and provide fun for the whole family.

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