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Polar Museum

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The Scott Polar Research Institute is a center for research and home of the Polar Museum. Founded in 1920, the SP RI is fully dedicated to the studies of the arctic and Antarctic regions in the social sciences, environmental sciences, and humanities.  The institute’s namesake is borrowed from that of Captain Robert Falcon Scott. He was famous for his exploration of the Antarctic regions, and after dying on the return journey from one ill-fated expedition the Scott Polar Research Institute was opened as his national memorial. The museum still contains some of the last letters ever written by Captain Scott.

The Polar museum showcases many artifacts from the Heroic Age of Antarctic exploration in the late 19th century, including paintings, documents, sketches, and photographs. The historic photos of Herbert Ponting in the Antarctic and the exploration diaries of Sir Ernest Shackleton are just a couple of the extraordinary pieces the Polar Museum has on display.

In addition to the museum, the SP RI is home to the most comprehensive polar library in the world. The general public is welcome to stop by and browse through the library’s fascinating scientific journals and manuscript collections. Visual learners may be inclined to check out the Scott Polar Institute’s Polar picture library, where visitors can enjoy rare photographs from the expeditions led by Shackleton and Scott.

The Polar Museum at the SP RI appeals to many different audiences, from tourists and school groups to students and researchers from the University Cambridge. For anyone with an interest in the Polar Regions, the Scott Polar Research is the perfect place to learn all about the arctic and Antarctic regions.

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