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Varsity’s Logo. Photo courtesy Varsity.

Established in 1947, Varsity is the University of Cambridge’s oldest independent student newspaper. It is distributed every Friday during the University’s term time, and features everything from on-campus news to entertainment features and even job listings.

Many of  the newspapers’ contributors have gone on to be successful journalists at such places as the BBC, The Observer and The Guardian. Sylvia Plath and J.G. Ballard also published some of their first writing pieces in Varsity. Stories posted in the paper have received national attention dating back to their articles on the discovery of the structure of DNA.

Varsity is published and funded by Varsity Publications and The Varsity Trust, which supports education for students in journalism. This allows the newspaper to successfully operate independent of the university. That said, the staff holds strong connections to the University and always strives to present dignified work that exemplifies journalistic integrity.

The Varsity team consists of a number of positions for students interested in journalism. There are over 40 staff positions made up feature writers, editors, photographers and more who play an important role in creating each paper. There is also a full-time Business Manager, a part time Company Secretary and Board of Directors made of up past staff members, contributors and friends of the newspaper.

Before you join the Varisty staff, consider checking out their website for the latest news!

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