Fitzwilliam Museum Society

Fitzwilliam Museum Society

Exterior shot of the Fitzwilliam Museum. Photo by Shaun Osborne

The Fitzwilliam Museum Society (FMS) is a registered student society at the University of Cambridge. It is the perfect option for students interested in pursuing a career in the arts or architecture, within the museums and galleries industry, or those simply interested in these crafts. By providing exclusive tours and hosting a variety of activities, trips, conferences, and social events, the FMS hopes to spark the artistic interest and involvement in students at the different colleges of the University of Cambridge.

Fitzwilliam Museum Society Membership

For students currently attending the University of Cambridge, annual membership for the Fitzwilliam Museum Society costs £12. Members of the FMS are entitled to attend the Museum’s talks and tours, free of charge, in addition to being added to the mailing list which guarantees being kept up to date in all of the upcoming events through regular alerts. FMS membership also offers a 10% discount at the Museum Café.

University of Cambridge alumni are also welcome to join the Fitzwilliam Museum Society, for a cost of £15, which warrants membership for one academic year.

Unique Events For Members of the Fitzwilliam Museum Society

Fitzwilliam Museum Society

Artwork inside the Fitzwilliam Museum. Photo by Alison Oddy

Past events that the Fitzwilliam Museum Society members have been invited to attend include a free tour of the exhibition “Beauty and Revolution: The Poetry and Art of Ian Hamilton Finlay” guided by director Andrew Nairne; seminars by prominent figures in the art world such as Professor Holger Klein of Columbia, one of the leading authorities in Byzantine art, and Professor Philippe Descola on “The Making of Images: An Anthropological Perspective.”

Don’t miss out on any future events; join the Fitzwilliam Museum Society today! For more information, you can follow the Fitzwilliam Museum Society on Facebook, and Twitter (@FMSCam). is not affiliated with the University of Cambridge.