Cambridge University Rugby Union Football Club

Cambridge University Rugby Union Football Club (CURUFC) was founded in 1872 and is the school’s premiere rugby union club.  The club has not only influenced the sport greatly throughout time, but has also produced many well-known and successful rugby athletes.

CURUFC is comprised of three regular teams: The Blues, The LX club and the U21 XV.  “Blue” is a term used to describe an individual competing in sports at the highest level. The Blues play other university squads during the week and the LX and U21 mostly play on weekends.

The club offers coaching, training and medical resources for all of its members and strives to create the most professional rugby environment as possible. In addition, players also get to tour a plethora of foreign countries.

One of the major events all five Rugby Club squads participate in is the Varsity Match. Formed in 1872, the Varsity Match is a rugby union fixture that Cambridge players compete in against Oxford. It is normally played in the winter at Twickenham Stadium. This event draws a big local crowd and is watched by many all over the world as well. Visitors are encouraged to attend Blues matches on club grounds to experience the exciting games and exceptional players for themselves.

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