Cambridge University Jewish Society

photo by Ketzirah Lesser & Art Drauglis

Experience the Jewish traditions in a Cambridge environment. Photo by Ketzirah Lesser & Art Drauglis

Being a student at Cambridge University doesn’t mean you have to give up your Jewish identity, on the contrary, thanks to Cambridge University Jewish Society (CUJS), you can find the perfect balance between academic and religious studies. Regardless of your past knowledge and experience with Judaism, CUJS invites you to be a part of its activities ranging from Friday Night dinners to sporting events, to film nights, and conversations with guest speakers.

Becoming a member of CUJS is the perfect way of avoiding the unique Jewish homesickness that is inevitable after starting college, or the perfect way of being introduced to Jewish traditions if you’ve never been in touch with that side of your identity before. Worry no more about where you’ll be able to get that homey roast chicken, or where you’ll meet that lucky gal or guy to introduce to your grandmother next Chanukah. For only £13 for one year or £26 for life, you will become part of a family that will be sure to enhance your time at Cambridge University.

Find your second home at the synagogue and Jewish student centre at 3 Thompson’s Lane. It is there where the dinners, social events, religious services, and other entertainment events will take place. As of November 2015, the chaplains in charge are Yisrael and Elisheva Malkiel—both of whom will be happy to assist students and alumni interested in learning more about CUJS and Jewish life in Cambridge in general.

In addition to being a great environment in itself, filled with people with positive Jewish-inspired interests and values, CUJS also provides its members with resources for finding support in the form of services around Cambridge and places to find kosher products.

CUJS is part of the larger JSoc that has members in Queens College, Fitzwilliam College, Emmanuel College, Kings College, Trinity College, and Murray Edwards College, amongst others.