Cambridge University Charity Fashion Show

Cambridge University Charity Fashion Show

Preparation for Fashion Show Runway. Photo by Garbiel Saldana

With a vision to “give back to education, celebrate the extraordinary diversity and creativity in Cambridge, and to bring ‘fashion’ into the intellectual discourse of Cambridge students” the Cambridge University Charity Fashion Show (CUCFS) was inaugurated in February 2015.

Following in the footsteps of many universities around the world, Cambridge University has decided to bring together the many student organisations around campus in one fabulous, charitable event.

The Charity in Cambridge University Charity Fashion Show

In its inaugural event, the Cambridge University Charity Fashion Show advocated for and supported Cambridge House, an organisation founded in 1889 by Cambridge alumni. By providing free education services, legal support, and a wide range of other means of assistance, Cambridge House strives to improve the lives of children and adults living in poverty.

In February, 2015 CUCFS raised a grand total of £8,269 in aid of Cambridge House.

Creating the Fashion Show

Committed to helping in this goal, CUCFS brought together the school’s international societies, performance groups, student athletes and models in the production of one fashion show to raise money and awareness for the cause. The skills of all the students were put together to create six runways and the entire sound and lighting systems, choreography, and visual design.

CUCFS produced a number of photo shoots and a launch party that took place at the Michaelhouse Café in the centre of town, all leading up to the grand fashion event. The Japanese brand Hiroshi Goto provided the unique gowns created exclusively for CUCFS, and student talent was visible throughout the night.

If you wish to know more about the CUCFS, you can follow weekly blogs by CUCFS’ Gabrielle McGuinness and Lauren Chaplin, or contact the organisation’s leaders at

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