The Cambridge Union Society

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The Cambridge Union Society, (sometimes referred to as ‘the Cambridge Union’ or ‘the Union’) is a debating society at the University of Cambridge. Founded in 1815, it is the largest society at the University and one of the oldest debating societies in the world.

This organisation is a separate entity from the Cambridge University Students Union and is funded through student membership.

The Cambridge Union Society strives to be as inclusive as possible, with membership open to all students at the University of Cambridge as well as Anglia Ruskin University. The group hosts many events that are open to guests of members and sometimes open to the student body.

The Union is best known for its debates, and hosts regular Thursday night debate events. Many top members of the debating team compete nationally and internationally with other teams.  Additionally, the Cambridge Union hosts talks by prestigious speakers to discuss points of interest, politics and more. Notable speakers throughout their history have included Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, and the Dalai Lama. More recently, the group has hosted talks from Stephen Hawking, Bill Nighy, Russell Brand, and Judi Dench.

Cambridge Union Society also has a standing committee of elected positions including President, Vice President, Treasurer, and a Board of Trustees. Many past presidents and officers have gone on to have notable careers in various fields.

Be sure to visit the Cambridge Union Society’s Youtube channel to view some of their recent debates.

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The Cambridge Union Society: Map & Directions

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