Amateur Dramatic Club

Amateur Dramatic Club at Cambridge University

Park Street, Cambridge, UK CB5 8AS

Cambridge University’s Amateur Dramatic Club (ADC), founded in 1855, is Cambridge’s largest theatre society and the oldest university theatre society in England. Their

mission statement highlights inclusion and resources for people eager to learn and practice theatre promising to ‘Spread interest in the theory and practice of theatre, in all its aspects, by every possible means amongst those qualified to be members of the Club; to encourage the active involvement of the same regardless of previous experience; and to maintain interest in the running of the ADC Theatre.’

Along with the performances  put on, the club sponsors workshops for acting, direction and theatre technicians taught by both students and professionals.

Whether or not you are not part of the Amateur Dramatic Group, you can still experience their performances in the Cambridge area. The club puts on roughly 20 shows a year with ranging authors, styles and genres. They frequently perform at the Amateur Dramatic Club theatre in Park Street where they are the resident performers.

The theatre is run almost entirely by students and also presents shows by local theatre groups and touring companies. They also perform at other venues around England. Remember this group if you would like to experience and participate in a wide range of amateur theatre!

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