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African Studies Libary

African Studies Libary, Photo credit African Studies Libary

African Studies Library, Alison Richard Building, 7 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DT

University of Cambridge Library

The African Studies Library is a part of the University of Cambridge Libraries.  For more information about the Main University Library and other Cambridge University Libraries, click here.  The African Studies Library features lots of information about Africa, with a focus on Africa south of the Sahara.  As well as publications from England, and all over the world, the library has publications that originated in Africa to help expand knowledge of primary African research.

Centre of African Studies

The African Studies Library is associated with the Centre of African Studies (CAS) department at Cambridge University.  The CAS was founded in 1965 by anthropologist Audrey Richards.


The CAS holds many events, such as guest speakers, presentations, seminars and more.  Visit the CAS website and the Library of African Studies Website for more information.

Festival of Ideas 2013: Focus on Focus on Mali and Timbuktu

In October 2013 the African Studies Library contributed to the Festival of Ideas with a theme focusing on Mali and Timbuktu.  Photographs and publications were featured, including those in subjects such as society in Mali and politics, Islam in Africa, Mali artwork, and Mali geography.

The African Studies Library and the Centre of African Studies are open to all Cambridge University members.

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Map Location of The African Studies Library

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