Haddon Library

Haddon library, photo credit Haddon Library

Haddon library, photo credit Haddon Library

Haddon Library, Downing Street, Cambridge, CB2 3DZ

The Haddon Library was founded in 1209 by anthropologist Alfred Haddon.  Haddon, born in 1855,  was an influential anthropologist, ethnologist and biologist. He attended Christ’s College in 1975 for Zoology. Afterward he taught Zoology at both Cambridge University and The College of Science in Dublin.  Check out one of Haddon’s many books, Evolution in Art: As Illustrated By the Life-Histories of Design

The Haddon Library houses around 62,000 books, pamphlets and other reading material. It is affiliated with the Cambridge Antiquarian Society as well as the Cambridge University Department of Archaeology and Anthropology. The Haddon Library is open to all staff and students of the University.  Other visitors should inquire in advance.

The Cambridge Antiquarian Society

The Cambridge Antiquarian Society was founded in 1840 to provide history, architecture and archaeology of Cambridgeshire to local enthusiasts. Members are invited to attend monthly lectures, the spring conference, and the CAS’s annual publication.

The Department of Archaeology and Anthropology

The Department of Archaeology and Anthropology focuses on Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, and Social Anthropology. Students in these areas will participate in classroom studies as well as field work.  For more information about the University of Cambridge, click here.

Map Location of the Haddon Library

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